Thursday, June 16, 2011


So, you are here, i am here... ( song ) Our thoughts are connected now. You cannot escape, except, if you want to... But this illusion of connection, is so powerfull... My words describe my emotions. My emotions come from my heart. And at the same time, mind, is working with my heart for a better result. How often does that happen? How often the mind flows into your heart and let you express your inner truth. (?) Life is all about questioning. You belive in something, and life comes to question it. The stronger you are, the more faithfull to you beliefs, the stronger the questioning. 'Cause you are strong enough to handle, and get over it, and evolve, and get a step forward. Ancient Greeks did that. Sokrates did that. He was questioning your beliefs, even if he agreed, just to make you support it more. Believe it more. Express it more passionately. To see how you'll support your ideas, how much you believe in them. What connects you. I am sure he had even more reasons, but... Are we strong enough, to win the battle of life's questionings, or cappable enough to evolve? What should we do, when life decides to question? -> "Σημάδια ή Ερωτήματα?"

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